Scentsational Gift Set


To keep them clean and fresh

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What you get:

  • Wipes (80 pack)
  • Cologne of your choice (125mL / 4.2floz  bottle)

How to Use?

Daily routine: 

  1. Wipe 
  2. Moisturize with Leave in Conditioner 
  3. A light spritz of Cologne if you like 
  4. Brush, Brush, Brush 

When visibly dirty and a wipe isn’t enough:

  1. Brush to remove loose hairs
  2. Wash 
  3. Dry with Poncho 
  4. Moisturize with Leave in Conditioner
  5. A light spritz of Cologne if you like 
  6. Brush, Brush, Brush 

Check out our product detail pages for more information on our ingredients and how to use each product.

Cologne Fragrance
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Welcome to the Dog Care Revolution

Most people don’t realize that over-washing our dogs with harsh shampoos can result in a dull, dry, stinky coat and poor skin health. DOG by Dr Lisa is here to change that. We want you to wash your dog less; but wipe, moisturize and brush more.

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